U.S. / EUROPE 2015 & 2016 


Scrote is back on the road throughout 2015-16.  His new group Double Bari Sax Attack! is often compared to big stage rockers Queens Of The Stone Age, David Bowie, and Radiohead if fueled by two big baritone saxes.  He is also performing solo regularly as well as premiering his group Quadruple Bari Sax Attack! at select venues which is comprised of vocals, 4 baritone saxes, & drums. 

In addition to his LA-based work, Scrote also works in San Francisco, Austin, New York, Berlin, and many places in between and beyond. He releases his own records regularly and performs across the US, Germany, Egypt, Holland, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, France, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, and Monaco.  





Previous shows have included the ‘8 Cities 8 Drummers’ duo tour, the ‘Do Something Different’ band tour, ‘Awkward Songs Of Love Sin & General Mayhem’ solo tour, and electronic improv tours.  Scrote has also composed for TV & film, received commissions for original ballet & orchestral scores, and performed with ensembles of 5, 100 & 200 electric guitarists.

Scrote has produced, recorded, and/or performed with Daniel Johnston, Puscifer, Jackson Browne, No Doubt, Fred Frith, Tim Lefebvre, Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Joe Sumner (Fiction Plane), Blake Mills, actor Gary Oldman, Paul Barker (Ministry), Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie), David Yow (Jesus Lizard), Van Dyke Parks, Wayne Kramer, (MC5), Rhys Chatham, Michael Des Barres, Carina Round, & Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu).



"one of the most innovative, technically adept guitarists..."   (SF Weekly)

"...bonus points...more bonus points…headed some place interesting…
definitely beats listening to the radio...'"   (Ink 19)
"…something that clicks…something that's refreshing…
an even balance that's turned even THIS writer's fat head..."   (Flipside)
"Scrote again offers up angular yet distinct guitar lines.   What follows is a thrilling high energy guitar workout conducted by both Wayne Kramer and Scrote.  "   (I-94 Cream Edition)
"If you're going to be in a crazy Stooge-like punk band, you need attitude,
 noise and a guitarist called Scrote."   (Americana U.K.)
"This is Scrote, a Los Angeles producer, guitarist and performer
who is known for his dynamic guitar work."   (Sync Weekly)



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